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Local Recruitment
With our vast expertise and experience in recruitment, we support you in sourcing for the most suitable candidate and manage the negotiation process of the job offering.


Upon successful placement, we provide a guarantee replacement at that period of time to take care of our clients or candidates’ suitability of the job.


We provide recruitment solutions to a number of industries and specialized fields as well as placements on a permanent, contractual, temporary and part-time basis.


Some of our industry scope include:


  • Accounting, Banking & Financial Services

  • Aerospace

  • Administrative & Human Resource

  • Arts & Design

  • Advertising & Communications

  • Beauty, Grooming, Hairstylist professions

  • Computer Sciences / Information Technology

  • Construction

  • Consultancy

  • Culinary, Food & Beverage

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Manufacturing

  • Medical and Health professions

  • Oil & Gas professions

  • Retail services

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Secretarial & Business Support

  • Transportation

  • Workplace Safety & Health professions

Foreign/ International Recruitment


In consideration that the talent pool for certain specialised industries is limited in Singapore, we are experiencing a shortage of skilled manpower in Singapore to meet the thriving demand.


In order to sustain the manpower requirements of our local industries, foreign talent / skilled manpower are necessary to supplement our demand for skilled foreign workers.


At SKL Recruitment Services, we are extremely focused and specialised in advising and assisting our local organisations in selecting and recruiting well qualified manpower from various countries within the Asia Pacific Region.


We are very selective over our overseas partners and only work with reliable partners who are trustworthy, able to provide quality candidates and excellent services. We work closely with our overseas partners to implement our stringent recruitment and selection criteria.


Our agency keep abreast with all the latest updates in rules and regulations implemented by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) at all times.


With our vast experience in foreign recruitment, we are well positioned to assist short-listed offshore candidates to interview with clients, deal with settlement issues and prepare for the cultural and lifestyle differences that may exist between their home country and living in Singapore.

We are able to cater a comprehensive range of foreign candidates from Professional, Managers, Executives, Engineers, Technicians and General Workers (skilled or unskilled) in any industries or trades to meet the local requirements.


Our foreign candidates came mainly from countries like Malaysia, China, Taiwan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam etc.


We are able to process all work passes such as Work Permit (WP), Skilled Pass (SP) and Employment Pass (EP) for all our foreign candidates.


We assure to provide the best and professional service and guide through on any difficulty in employing and understanding the laws of recruiting foreigners by giving personalised and tailored human resource solutions.

Other Services

As a one-stop manpower solutions provider, we also provide customised outsourcing services to suit client requirements.


We offer various value-added services such as the following:


  • Work Pass Application / Renewal
    • We assist client to process foreigner work pass application or renewal including Work Permit (WP), Skilled Pass (SP) and Employment Pass (EP).
  • Worker’s Insurance Services
  • PR (Permanent Resident) Application
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