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Senior Executive Secretary / Executive Office Administrative Manager / or as an IT/ICT Manager / Sen

Qualifications: 2012 University of Greenwich – London, United Kingdom.

 Bachelor of Science Degree (Honours) in Computing.

 BSc. (Hons) in Computing – UK Honours Degree.

 Faculty of Advanced Computer Science & Information Technology.

 Graduated with an Excellent Upper Second Class with Honours.

2003 University of Toronto - Ontario, Canada.

 Associate’s Degree in Computer Information Systems Management (CISM).

 Completed 1.5 years of the 3 year CISM – IT Bachelor's Degree Program.

2001 National Institute for Information Technology – (N.I.I.T.)

 NIIT Certified in E-Technology Computing (E-Commerce Solutions Development).

 D.N.I.I.T. Academic Career Track Foundation Module Program, First Year Academic Foundation Studies at N.I.I.T. - Laddering on to the C.I.S.M.: Computer Information Systems Management Degree Program, University of Toronto - Ontario, Canada.

 Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration with Sun Java 2.0 Software Development and Integration, Microsoft Dot Net Software Architecture Design.

 Graduated with an 89.50% Overall Excellent Academic Average.

2001 Sun Microsystems Inc. Singapore. (SUN – U.S.A. – Alliance).

 Professional Certification in JAVA 2.0 Programming – Sun Java 2.0 Platform.

 Certified in all three levels of Sun Java Certification (Levels I – II – III).

 Member of the Sun Microsystems Java Developers Alliance – U.S.A.2001 Software Technology Group of India – (S.T.G.).

 Certificate in Active Server Pages - (A.S.P) E-Commerce Development.

 Internet Information Server Administration (Microsoft IIS Server Administration).

2000 London Business School – (L.B.S.) Colombo, Sri Lanka.

 Professional Certification in Web Programming & Web Architecture.

 Expertly Trained in Web Structural Design & Dynamic Website Construction.

 Specializing in Web Programming & Web Server Administration.1999 Turnkey Information

Systems. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

 Professional Certificate in Computer Hardware Engineering & Computer Network Administration

with Network Troubleshooting and Maintenance.

 Computer Hardware and Software Technical Maintenance and Management.1997 Oasis Computer

Science Academy. Colombo, Sri Lanka. Certified in Microsoft Office Software Applications.

 Strong Expert Knowledge in all Microsoft Office Software Applications & Modules.

2000 Hameed Al–Husseinie National College. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

 G.C.E. Advanced Level – G.C.E. (A-Level) Examination.

 Commerce & Business Studies Stream / Examination Year: 2000.

 Economics, Commerce and Business Studies with Geography Subjects.

 Credit Merits Awarded for all the Subjects.

Experience: 2000 – 2001 : eZportals Dot Com (Pvt) Ltd. Colombo, Sri Lanka. Webmaster / Graphic Designer.

2004 – 2007 : Macksons Paints Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. (Multilac).Macksons Holdings Group of Companies: Sri Lanka / India & Maldives. Manager IT Solutions & Business Development .

2007 – 2010 : Emirates Technical Services Co. L.L.C. – UAE.A Bukhatir Group Company – United Arab Emirates. Executive Secretary to the Managing Director - Emirates Technical Services.

2010 – 2011: AccSoft Solutions Private Limited. Software Support Executive / ERP Systems Support Engineer.

2011 – 2013: CEYMPLON / JEYLABS.COM.AU (Melbourne, Australia based Software Development

Company). Assistant IT Project Manager / Technical Writer (IT/ICT Projects).

2013 – 2016: Le MERIDIEN Hotel & Towers Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.5* Star Hotels Operated by: Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc. USA. Executive Secretary / Executive Office Manager, to the Area General Manager, Western Province of KSA.

Skill:  BSc. (Hons) Special Degree in Computer Science - University of Greenwich, London, UK.

 Associate’s Degree in CISM, University of Toronto - Ontario, Canada.

 NIIT Certified, E-Technology Platform Specialist - Sri Lanka. (D.N.I.I.T.).

 Manager IT Solutions & Business Development – Macksons Holdings Company.

 Assistant IT Project Manager for International / Offshore IT Projects. (Australian IT firm).

 London Business School (L.B.S.) Certified Web Programmer.

 IT/ICT Technical Writer and IT Business Analyst / Requirements Analyst for IT Projects.

 Specialist Technical Consultant & Trainer for ACCSOFT - ERP Software Solutions.

 Sun Microsystems of U.S.A Certified JAVA 2 Developer. (S.C.J.P.). SUN – USA Certified.

 Computer Hardware Engineer and Network Administrative Specialist. (Turnkey Sys. Certified).

 E-Commerce Web Developer, Web Architect, GUI Layout Designer, Webmaster.

 S.T.G. Certified ASP Developer & Microsoft I.I.S. Server Administrator. (A.S.P. / I.I.S.).

 Professional Adobe Photoshop® CS6 – Web & Commercial Graphic Designer.

 Dreamweaver® CS5, Flash® CS5, and SWiSH Max Expert & Savvy Creative Editor.

 Adobe Illustrator® CS6 Professional Commercial Graphic Designer / Desktop Publisher.

 Microsoft Office Applications Certified Expert. (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).

 ACCPAC – C.R.M. Specialist and Trained in C.R.M. Software Administration

 English: Extremely Fluent. (Native English Language Skills).  French: Moderate Fluency.  Tamil & Sinhala: Extremely Fluent.  Hindi / Urdu: Fluent.  Bahasa Malaysia / Indonesian: Moderate Fluency.

Expected Salary: S$3300

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